DISCOVOL is a decentralized platform to discover and distribute high quality content. We help distributors who want to distribute high quality content via social network, discover the content they want in an efficient way. Hereby, we also help high quality content creators distribute elaborate content to more target audiences via distributor community.

Our Concept

Blockchain technology and its underlying decentralized network have shown great potential to disruptively rearchitect the upper network of content distribution. It allows participants to interact with data, value and other counterparties via peer to peer networks without the need for a trusted third party.

Try to imagine, in this platform, professionals discover high quality content with their expertise and earn their reward. Since we all have our forte, we can be an audience and a curator at the same platform. We connect with each other by sharing knowledge rather than social network. A distributed ledger records every piece of work immutably and transparently. A decentralized network means, no one owns it but everyone owns a piece of it. Professionals don't need to worry about those powerful intermediaries changing the rules, taking away what they built all years long at a moment. Users don't need to give up the ownership of their personal data. All these can only be built on a decentralized organization structure.

A decentralized platform provides a tool to recognize and incentivize valuable contribution, and turn it into a human-readable signal. Whoever you are, your contribution speaks aloud. Such a platform is a game changer.

We name it DISCOVOL - discovery speaks volumes.


  • 1
    2021 May

    May, 2021
    Team Building

  • 2
    2021 Sept

    Sept, 2021
    Substrate Dev

  • 3
    2022 Jan

    Jan, 2022
    Testnet Launch

  • 4
    2022 Feb

    Feb, 2022
    Onboard Octopus Network

  • 5
    2022 Mar

    Mar, 2022
    Mainnet Launch